• FabulousLakeTahoe says:

    I HATED the Lev Grossman article in Time magazine where he was so clueless
    about YouTube that he didn’t realize that channels were a part of the
    design from day one. Yes, they’re increasing the focus on channels, but
    that old dude didn’t even realize that it was just a focus shift, not a
    fundamentally new idea.

  • grizzlyten says:

    You and all the other partners will be buried in a sea of grey and you will
    look just like the rest of us. Best of luck trying to attract new
    subscribers in the new generic Youtube!

  • Travis Kraft says:

    How do you get to be part of the shows section?

  • ReelSEO says:

    @poolboyinla You mean like the shows/episodes feature for videos?

  • ReelSEO says:

    @Wurek Agreed.

  • ReelSEO says:

    @coinoptv lol I did last week, although I wasn’t driving. I have plenty of
    those on my personal channel, though. πŸ˜‰

  • FitnessFAQs says:

    I genuinely like the content you put out, very interesting and useful,
    especially anything YT related. Daniel

  • ReelSEO says:

    You’re welcome! πŸ™‚

  • Fathom says:

    Good luck with the move and welcome to Ohio (we’re located in Cleveland)!
    Love the links this week, very helpful.

  • ReelSEO says:

    @FabulousLakeTahoe Yeah. It’s cool that YouTube is getting more credible
    exposure, but you’d wish the people giving it exposure were more
    knowledgable. That will come with more exposure, I guess.

  • Andrej Urek says:

    I donΛ™t know why people hate the new look. I like it and I think it looks
    better. Internet is constantly changing, all we can do is to adapt and
    embrace new stuff.

  • ReelSEO says:

    @FitnessFAQs Thanks, Daniel! I really appreciate the encouragement! Glad
    it’s helpful for ya!

  • ReelSEO says:

    @largeview Going to be moving to Cincinnati for a new job position around
    April, but will be in PA and TX until then. A lot of crazy traveling coming

  • ReelSEO says:

    @3liz75 I agree. I think they look much cleaner and remove the
    functionality that some content creators liked, but ultimately didn’t serve
    the purpose they were hoping they did and ended up cluttering the channel

  • ReelSEO says:

    @searchenginefirm Ahh cool, I’ll actually be in Cincinnati. πŸ™‚

  • iVidify says:

    Should’ve moved to Grand Rapids, Michigan…By your family, who all is
    actually moving.

  • CoinOpTV says:

    please do some in the car — while driving!

  • ReelSEO says:

    @largeview No, the plan is to continue to do these videos for ReelSEO. Just
    not sure if I’ll be able to keep up with it the next few weeks while we
    travel, but I’m certainly hoping to.

  • Travis Kraft says:

    @reelseo yes

  • ReelSEO says:

    @largeview Thanks! I look forward to doing them for ya! πŸ™‚

  • 8bitMOUSEBOT says:

    Wow, you and the rest of your sick retarded fanboys live in one sick
    fantasy don’t you…

  • MuttleeCrew says:

    YT lost 14,455,541 users over the past 30 days, it’s dropping like a rock
    because the new layout sucks!

  • ReelSEO says:

    @iVidify My whole family is (wife, two kids). We’re going to PA for a bit
    and then to TX, but will end up settling down in Cincinnati around April.
    Gonna be pretty crazy until then.