Three New-Age Web Designing Trends

Newer methods are coming up in the web-designing arena day by day and it is very essential for the designing professionals to keep themselves updated about these.

With the introduction of many new display devices ranging from desktop PCs to small-screen smart phones and a variety of browsers to enable effective browsing on these screens, it became a really tough task for the designers to make responsive one-fit-to-all web designs. We will discuss about three advanced web designing approaches, which may be of use of to you in your next design.

city card photo

1) Adding large background photos

It is a hot trend especially among the photography fans, and you can see a good example on the Manchester discounts website. Oversized photos are being displayed in the background and it is deemed to be an excellent idea to grab the visitors’ attention at the first point itself. But, you need to be very careful in choosing the right image and planning its appropriate placement. The large photograph can also act as a customized branding for your business for your marketing website.

2) Minimalist Home Pages

Those who are researching on internet marketing are surely aware that selling something on the internet is simply playing smart, based on the approach. You can sell anything and can be exposed to anyone from anywhere in the world. The new trend in capturing the interest of your target is to have a minimalist approach. The minimalism starts from the very landing page by keeping everything simple there are giving focus to your product on offer.

3) Adding QR Codes

The surge of Smartphones led to the concept QR code apps. The QR (Quick Response Code) is a concept derived from the old bar codes, which you can see now everywhere around, even from the newspaper ads to restaurants or automobile sales stations, giving details of everything from an Employee benefit scheme in Manchester to the latest ticket info at a concert.

It is also common to use QR codes on the website also which can be incorporated right on to the lay out. As the data transmission over QR is quicker, this can be a more trendy and user-friendly approach in web design in the coming years.